A very simple (and very free) music player for music stored on Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, pCloud, Mega and Dropbox accounts.

(And from your iTunes music folder, and anywhere else on your hard drive.)

Screenshot of music browser

Another screenshot of the music browser

Puff Player merges all the folders and files from your various cloud storage accounts and local folders, creating a unified browsing experience.

(Although it doesn’t read any metadata – for example, ID3 tags – so it depends utterly on you having your music organised in a fairly reasonable fashion. Basically, it works best with iTunes-style organised music folders. Why? Simply because I wrote it for myself, and that’s how I keep all my music organised, so that’s just the habit that I have gotten into over the years.)

Screenshot of accounts/sources setup screen

You can add multiple cloud accounts. And if you have files/folders that are not music, you can specify sub-folders, excluding all the stuff you are not interested in.

Screenshots of all the authorisation screens

Simple authorisation and setup, and simple preferences for controlling where your downloaded files are stored for playback:

Screenshot of the preferences window

Started in the year 2015, finally getting finished in 2017...

Screenshot of the about window

Privacy Policy (Addendum: Outgoing connections you can expect Puff Player to make)

Terms of Service